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Make Your Home Healthy Again with Chinese Drywall Remediation in Cape Coral, FL

7 Condo CDWR project complete in just 64 days!

7 Condo CDWR project complete in just 64 days!

Also Servicing, Tampa Bay, Fort Myers, Charlotte County, Lee County,  Collier County, Broward County and Surrounding Areas.


When our community was hit with the devastating effects of Chinese Drywall, Mustang Builders was one of the first State Certified Residential Contractors to service victims with total eradication and remediation services.

Variety of Ethical Remediation Protocols 

Mustang Builders Inc. continues to stay abreast of the latest developments and construction related recommendations and processes for a Safer, Greener, and Cleaner Eradication and Remediation process. As a result we now offer a variety of Remediation Protocols to fit the individual needs of our clients. From complete pack outs and put backs to partial remediation’s, we have a package and professional protocol to meet your specific need and budget. For more details on the many packages now available, fill out the information request on our Contact us page and an associate will get back to you within 24 hours for a free consultation.

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Before you even consider hiring a Chinese Drywall Remediation Contractor do your homework!!!  Do not listen to just anyone regarding this very important decision. “There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors.”  Three must do things  before you make your decision.

  1. Do a criminal background check on the “qualifier” and the “contractor” (the person representing the company with whom you are dealing with!!)  How long has the qualifier been with the company? Is the owner the qualifier ? If not how come?
  2.  Do check their references!! You can visit the local building dept. websites (City, County etc.) and get a list of permits pulled by the contractor. Then request from the contractor the phone numbers of those not on the contractors list of references and speak to them to get the real story! Talk to at least 4-5 clients and you will get the picture of just whom you are dealing with.
  3. Do not listen to the advise of any one person no matter who it is…Do your homework on this very important decision. In the end it is your decision that determines the outcome “good or bad!”

If you a part of the Knauf Global Settlement then you owe it to yourself to contact Mustang Builders Inc. and speak to dozens of our 100% satisfied clients who got:

  1. Top quality workmanship by the States leading craftsmen!
  2. Unprecedented productivity with homes up to 5000 sf. completed in as little as 90 days and complete pack outs to boot!
  3. Savings for our clients of up to $100,000.00 on a single project! Ask us how!

“Scott you and your team took what was a terrible situation and made it into a great one, lets have a beer!”  –  Christopher G., Tampa Bay 

“You guys are the greatest thing since sliced bread!” – Robert M., Punta Gorda

“Please use me as a reference. I would recommend you to anyone anytime! – Jeffrey L., Miromar Lakes

“You guys did exactly what you said you would do and I would love to be a reference for you!” –  Rick P., Cape Coral

“You guys are amazing. I can’t believe how lucky we were to Google a remediation contractor and find you! I hope we can be friends and do dinner when my wife and I arrive back in town. I cannot tell you enough how pleased we are!” – Malcom M., Ft Myers


Urgent!!! If you have already self remediated or have just found out you have Knauf Tianjin CLICK HERE for important deadline information to get in on the newly opened settlement agreement.

Partial Chinese Drywall Remediation

Judge Fallons Louisiana Protocol

Get the Facts….Be Informed! 

Homeowners, Realtors, Contractors, Investors or those looking to purchase a home with Chinese Drywall owe it to yourselves and your client(s) to read in its entirety, Judge Fallon’s findings regarding proper remediation. Also click here to preview the latest suggested CPSC and HUD minimum suggested procedures for the safe removal and reconstruction of your home.

Reference of Completed Projects – To Date EVERY CLIENT we have remediated a home for since 2008 is a reference! Yes every single one, without exception, has REQUESTED we use them as a reference! We believe that says it all. Throughout the State of Florida, nobody beats the quality, productivity, and affordability of services that the TEAM of Mustang Builders Inc. offers. NOBODY!

Example of completed Chinese drywall remediation services in Fort Myers, FL.

High End 5000sf CDWR full pack out and put back in SWFL! For full details on this and the many other successful Chinese drywall projects we have completed or to speak directly to any of our clients please send us an inquiry by visiting our contact us page here.











Complete Condo CDWR and New open concept custom kitchen design by Mustang Builders Inc. To speak with the owner of this project send us a message by visiting our contact us page here!





Judge Fallon’s findings regarding proper remediation.

Consulting and rapid bidding for Investors, Homeowners and Contractors

If you are in need of professional consultation on a large project or would like to learn in detail more on the various protocols and processes available contact the owner, Scott Grimm directly @ 239.677.9260! Many homeowners, investors and contractors have asked us to help them in the many facets of Chinese Drywall remediation. If you are an investor looking to purchase a home with Chinese Drywall calling Mustang Builders Inc. first is your best option. Mustang can provide you hard number quotes on FULL Remediation’s any where in the state of Florida usually within 24 hours! The proposal and contract will give you the valuable information you NEED to make wise decisions on a possible purchase. In addition the proposal can be submitted to the bank with your offer, validating the cost for a professional remediation.


Mustang Builders is certified to use the cleansing protocol of SNiPER®

“SNiPER” – The Ideal Biocide. Applied directly to the problem by an atomized sprayer throughout the affected area, SNiPER is an industrial strength cleaner and disinfectant that performs without toxic effects, corrosiveness and without the introduction of harmful VOCs. It is non-toxic to you and the environment. SNiPER is able to address indoor pollution in its many forms. SNiPER has been meticulously designed for exceptional performance on a broad scale. Traditional technology for biological control uses toxic chemicals to poison its target. SNiPER does not use poison to disinfect; rather it is specifically engineered to be selective in its attack, targeting harmful biological and chemical contaminants without causing harm to your health or your environment.

It is not just a green product, it will green your environment.

Lead Safe Certified Firm – Mustang Builders Inc. is a Registered and Certified Lead Safe Remediator with the EPA and is qualified to remodel homes built prior to 1978.

Florida State Certified Residential Contractor – License # CRC1328654

Licensed to Build or Remodel any residential property or home anywhere in the State of Florida, up to two stories.


Sniper Certificaion

Chinese Drywall Inspection Services

Mustang Builders Inc. has partnered with Drywall Science Inc. to offer you the latest in affordable, non-invasive, inspection x-ray technology: a proven, non-invasive, way to detect “strontium” levels in defective drywall. To see information and a sample report of this XRF technology, click here. To schedule a consultation and inspection, please fill out our contact form and a representative will contact you right away!

We also offer a FREE visual inspection of your property. Our experts can quickly determine if you may have symptoms of “toxic” drywall or not. If so, we can then set up a detailed inspection, complete with an analytical report for future litigation. To receive your FREE visual inspection fill out the contact form and request “FREE OFFER.”

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